Monday, November 22, 2010

Full Moon Madness

Yesterday as I began Large Group teaching I knew within two minutes it was going to be "one of THOSE days..." There is just a buzz around the room. It's the kind of energy that you just can't pinpoint any certain thing or any certain person, it's just an all over energy. It's the kind of day when all my Small Group leaders look at me like "What's going on?!?!"

After Large Group was done and kiddos went into the Small Group classrooms, I walked back to one of our teens who was running tech and said, "Get on the internet please and google full moon dates of 2010 because I betcha anything it's a full moon." The people standing there kinda looked at me funny and I went on to explain that when I taught in school teachers always knew when it was a full moon because of the way the kids were. They had these funny looks as if they were saying "I don't quite believe all that..." until the teen found the information I was asking for. "Full moon for November is...November 21st," she said. They looked at each other and then said "What is today's date?" I smiled and said, "November 21st." The looks on their faces were priceless :) I assigned them each a Small Group to assist and then quickly went to find ME another cup of coffee!!

So why DOES a full moon make such a difference? I have no idea...a scientist I am not. I went googling for some information but only came up with "no scientific proof." All the studies show there is no link between the full moon and behavior. I say none of those scientists have spent time teaching kids then. ;)

Oh well. I stand by it anyway :) As a teacher I sometimes shake my head and wonder "Why in the world does this full moon affect these kids?!" Now I sit and wonder if God does the same thing. Wonder if there are days when He looks at our behavior, our choices and says "They've gone full moon mad! What are they doing?!" I have a list of questions I want to ask God one day. I think I'll add this one to my list.


  1. I think the full moon affects husbands too. Last night at the church , while I was still in with the youth group, Bill cleaned up the cafe after he was done with his activate group, this is not normal, hehehe.

  2. SEE!!! I'm tellin' does STRANGE things :) :) :)